Book Review: Everyday Mindfulness

The book “Everyday Mindfulness“, by Melissa Steginua, guides us through powerful daily mindfulness practices that help you rewire your habits and rewrite your life. Most of us are so busy that we forget to focus on how we really feel, what we truly desire, and what we need to do to move our lives in the right direction. This is just the right time to take a pause each day for 108 days to really discover what is important.

I have witnessed many friends and businesses, during this COVID-19 pandemic, re-frame their priorities. The forced pause in our routine has given us the time to re-evaluate our lives. Friends have decided to leave the city and search country life. There is a family garden business in my city that after 30 years of success decided to close shop. Not because COVID-19 restrictions gave them a hard time, but because they were able to pause and reflect that 30 years was a long enough time. It was time to do things for themselves.

For most people arriving at such life-changing decisions can be difficult or scary. The examples stated above can seem precipitous. Most people may feel that things are just not right and they need some gentle help to guide them.

“Everyday Mindfulness” may just be the book you need to help you in your journey of connecting with your true feelings and values. Each chapter invites you to explore and experiment with one ideas. You journal your reactions in thought and feeling to attain insight into your self.

The book is sectioned into six themes where you can examine your inner being:

  • Physical: Listen to your body and reconnect with yourself
  • Emotional: Understand your feelings and learn to trust them
  • Rational: Observe your thought patterns to gain mental clarity
  • Spiritual: Explore your relationship with yourself and your truth
  • Occupation: Manage your time and energy to pursue your priorities
  • Network: Nourish relationships that deepen your sense of belonging

The key concept with each chapter is to take one aspect of your life and pay attention to each for the day. Then you take some time to analyze it and see how your beliefs fit to your experience. The difference gives you a reason to consider changing your actions in this one element.

At the end you may have achieved any of these three outcomes:

1. May you recognize your worth and live according to it.

2. May you truly appreciate the beauty of your existence.

3. May you trust in your ability to create fulfilling changes in your life and yourself.

In these confusing times, this can be the book to help you find your bearings. It is straightforward with no fancy academic lingo. The concepts and journey are fabulous in guiding you to explore aspects of your life you may never have thought to consider.

And maybe at the end of this analysis, you may conclude that you need to move to the country or close your business.

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