5 Natural Supplements That Your Family Will Benefit From

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Protecting your family’s health has never been more important than right now. While the future is uncertain, we can be sure that staying as strong and healthy as possible will be critical in the coming months and years. In addition to eating well and exercising, we need to review supplements that can provide additional support to your family.

1) To Boost Your Immunity

It should be noted that no supplement can protect you from any virus, whether novel or cyclical. However, supplementation can boost your immune system and help you fight off general illness and malaise. To keep your respiratory system strong, make sure that you take a multivitamin that offers plenty of Vitamin D. If you can find a vitamin that includes zinc, then that is even better. It is important to note that many of us struggle to find a vitamin that doesn’t bother our stomach lining. If you find that you have pain or stomach irritation after taking a vitamin, try taking it with something that has a fairly high fat content. For example, your morning vitamin may not agree with you, but having it later in the day with peanut butter crackers or a sandwich may work well.

2) To Protect Your Brain

A simple way to protect your brain is to take a fish oil supplement. You can also achieve this level of protection by eating fatty fish such as trout or salmon, twice a week. Some people find that a fish oil supplement can leave a bad taste in their mouth. In this case, put your supplements in the freezer and take them frozen. This action slows the release and will hopefully reduce any reaction. It is also important to note that your brain is susceptible to damage caused by free radicals. These are the toxins created as our body takes what we eat, drink, and breathe and turns it into fuel. You can’t completely avoid free radicals. but a diet high in foods loaded with antioxidants, such as blueberries, can help.

3) To Reduce Stress

There are many ways to reduce stress that don’t include supplementation, but the stress of the moment may be getting in the way of relaxing fully and sleeping deeply. If you have never used cannabidiol, or CBD, be aware that

  • yes, it’s a derivative of the cannabis plant
  • no, it can’t get you high; that’s THC, and
  • you can put organically grown CBD to work for you and your family.

If you are struggling with insomnia or just feel scattered due to the insomnia of the day, consider investing in an organic, tested and certified bottle of 1000mg cbd oil 30ml that you can use at the end of the work day. This will help reset your mind and focus on your family for the evening, or can be used before bed so you can sleep.

4) To Maintain Energy

A common source of low energy is a low level of Vitamin B12. You probably won’t find an additional dosage of this in your multivitamin, so you will want to take this as a separate supplement. As we age, many of us struggle to absorb Vitamin B12, so a booster supplement can help. Again, monitor your tummy. Many who struggle with supplements have a particular problem with iron, which we also need for energy. A simple way around this is to eat a fortified cereal every day that offers 100% of the iron you need. This form of iron is often more digestible than the tablet form.

5) To Protect Your Vision

A simple way to protect your vision now and in the future is to boost your intake of Vitamin C. You can do this with a supplement, a drink mix, or by changing up your diet to include more citrus. In addition, boosting your intake of Vitamin E and calcium can help. When bumping up your Vitamin E intake, go slow. This product can cause serious stomach upset and many people struggle with diarrhea if they bump up their intake too quickly.

When reviewing your supplement options, make sure to review your diet as well. A diet high in fruits and vegetables, with a focus on a rainbow of color, is a really good way to make sure you are getting the antioxidants you need. Avoid foods that are high in unpronounceable, multi-syllable chemicals. Eat well by eating simply, and supplement when food doesn’t cover your needs.

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