“Moss Trees”: A Promising Technology To Clean Urban Air

Air pollution is a major problem in most urban centres. Many have suggested that more trees be planted to “clean” the air. However a company in Germany is proposing using “Moss Trees” that are linked through the internet of things to solve that problem.

The MossTree project was awarded to Green City Solutions from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. H2020 is a business innovation support scheme of the EU that targets Small and Medium Enterprises with the most innovative ideas and biggest growth potential.

By 2020, it is planned that a network of MossTrees will be placed in a traffic and pollution hotspot area of Berlin. With the support of external research partners, a measurement campaign will be conducted to quantify and certify the air quality improvement of the technology.

Moss Tree is claimed to be the World’s first regenerative biofilter

– With higher air purification performance
– Product quality testified by a renowned research institute
– Applicability of our product; e.g facades, bridges, bus stops, etc.
– Greater impact through building networks of MossTrees
– Become an integral part of any Smart City infrastructure
– Duplicate and scale this lighthouse project in other EU cities

The world’s first bio-tech filter will be tested to quantifiably improve air quality

Mosses for cleaner air

Different types of moss bind environmental toxins such as particulate matter and nitrogen oxides while producing oxygen at the same time.

Cutting edge IoT technology

Integrated IoT technology delivers comprehensive information on performance and status as well as environmental data on the CityTree’s surroundings.

Variable ventilation

Controllable ventilation technology allows airflow to be intensified, meaning that the filter effect can be increased as required.

Optimum watering

Water provision is either connected or independent, thanks to a fully automated irrigation system.

Energy provision

Energy is provided via grid connection.

Pleasant cooling effect

Mosses store large quantities of moisture, and the considerably increased evaporation surface creates an immense cooling effect.

The MossTree contains a unique IoT technology infrastructure that includes numerous points of measurement. The integrated sensors generate huge amounts of data in real time, which can be viewed using a specially developed dashboard. The data provides comprehensive information about the environmental performance and the status of the MossTree. Information on the environmental situation is also available. Therefore, the environmental performance of an individual – or of several – MossTrees can be quantitatively demonstrated at any time. In addition, optimum maintenance and care are guaranteed, which ensures that the MossTree remains functional and has a long life.

The claim is that one MossTree is equivalent to planting 275 trees. This could be a huge game changer in purifying urban centre air if the results substantiate the claims.

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