Learning to Live a Life of Balance

Happiness may lie just on the other side of self-awareness,” says licensed clinical social worker Maggie Davis-Jelly. Author of the book, Always Balanced and Connected, she takes the view that a balanced life is about much more than work.


Davis-Jelly has extensive experience working as a psychotherapist, social worker and family mediator, teaching her patients that balance is key to emotional wellness.

In her new book, she guides readers toward spiritual, mental, and physical awareness using uplifting daily affirmations to promote self-awareness and the idea of living a balanced life.

The idea for this book is simple. Maggie Davis-Jelly wanted something that could be made available to people that incorporates the reason that a connection of oneness is vital to health and wellness.

The book is designed to be completed in a year, so there’s not a formal table of contents, although each month has a focus:
  • January: National Mentoring Month
  • February: Black History Month
  • March: National Nutrition Month
  • April: Stress Awareness Month
  • May: National Mental Health Month
  • June: Children’s Awareness Month
  • July: National Picnic Month
  • August: Happiness Happens Month
  • September: International Self-Awareness Month
  • October: Diversity Awareness Month
  • November: Homeless Youth Awareness Month
  • December: Universal Human Rights Month
To give you a flavor, here are a couple examples of affirmations:
January 3
Affirmation: Today I will recognize the conformity in my life.
It takes courage to go against popular belief. It takes courage to stand up for equality or speak up against violence. It takes courage to speak your truth when it’s not socially acceptable to do so.
You conform in more ways than you realize. Cowardice in conformity is when you do what’s expected of you even though it goes against what you hold sacred. Conformity is at its peak when you follow along, doing what’s expected of you simply because that’s the way it’s always been.
Be aware of what’s important to you personally. Always be true to your own values and passions. Know your limitations, and know when you’re willing to expand your boundaries. Be authentic, and live out loud. Future generations are counting on you.
August 19
Affirmation: I am letting go of what I am so angry about and whom I am so angry with.
Perhaps you hold grudges. Maybe hanging onto resentment is second nature for you. You weren’t meant to be this way. You are programmed to be happy and at peace. Why then is harboring resentment, fear, and hatred so prevalent? Why do we find fault with our friends and loved ones? Is being angry all the time really who you are?
The key to letting go and moving on is recognizing that others in your life do not have to agree with you or think as you do. We have unfounded expectations of those we are with. When people don’t act a certain way, we get angry and frustrated and begin backing away by saying terrible things and getting stressed out, angry, and hurt. Letting go of friendships and moving on can be a very good thing. Perhaps the other person wants to let go of the relationship also. You never know. The best way I know how to stop being angry at a loved one is to send that person love. Whenever I feel like being angry, I change my thoughts and send him or her feelings of connectedness even though we are no longer together. Happiness happens; I am more relaxed and content.

Everyone faces pain and self-doubt from time to time, but we must learn to lean on others in times of need and be a helping hand to those who need it, according to the author.

“It’s imperative for people to take time to feel emotions and work through them in order to maintain a balance in body, mind and spirit,” said Davis-Jelly.

The author actively promotes this practice in her own life by participating in activities like yoga and martial arts. She also emphasizes the importance of thoughtful prayer and mindful meditation help renew the spirit and achieve a balanced sense of self.

For more information, visit www.AlwaysBalancedandConnected.com.

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