Kitchology® Debuts First Mobile Solution for Cooking with Food Allergies

Millions of  people deal with food allergies and intolerances. Kitchology now introduces the first mobile app solution for the cooking challenges faced by this community and anyone who wishes to cook with the ability to easily modify favorite recipes.

Kitchology logo

For all of us who suffer from food allergies or cook for those who do -it can be challenge to find recipe that worth within the restraints – Kitchology is a innovative each engine to make an cooks’ life easier, and tastier. Kitchology is the first integrated social cooking platform for special diets, available on the web and mobile app for millions of people dealing with special diets and the brands and retailers that sell to them.

Kitchology is a cook-centric, advanced, digital platform that aligns cooks’ profiles and activities with the food they prepare. It applies machine learning to nutrition science, behavioral analysis, profiling, and social trends to enable meal planning based on previously used ingredients and substitutions. The app assists in the creation of intelligent shopping lists, step-by-step cooking instructions, and the fostering of cook-to-cook connections. Free for consumers, Kitchology provides the ability to:

  • Set profile with “foods to avoid”
  • Search recipes that match individual profiles
  • Import any recipe from the web or personal recipe box and modify based on preferences and intolerances
  • Receive integrated shopping lists with specific suggestions for problematic ingredients
  • Follow step-by-step cooking instruction that take the user through the entire cooking process
  • Share with the community at each stage, from discovery and shopping list through cooking and the final product
  • Subscribe to recipe channels aligned with preferences –
  • Using Kitchology’s Kitchen Science®, the app uses algorithms and past events, learning about each user to pre-populate shopping lists, make recommendations on purchases, search for deals, tweak recipes and predict likability of recipes.



Plan, purchase, cook and share. Kitchology aims to overcome food allergies through the power of technology and community. Steeped in Kitchen Science to provide the most personalized and useful results, this tool was designed with cooks in mind and sticks with the user all the way from recipe discovery to the end result, learning more and more about the user each time. Download the app here to help grow the Kitchology community and get cooking. Check out Kitchology’s website, visit us on Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and the blog. Your Kitchen, Connected.

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