10 Steps To Peace Within

This is a lovely post by a loving soul; Aine Belton at GlobalLoveProject.com


1. Acceptance

Take a moment to accept yourself, life and others just as you/it/they are.

With acceptance comes peace. What’s more, as you accept yourself as you are, you more easily let go of what you’re not; it’s what you resist that persists. Judgment only compounds that which it judges.

Accept yourself for who and where you are right now. Accept all of you – the good, the bad, the light, the dark, strengths and weaknesses, what you like, dislike, etc. Anything that isn’t love is simply separate from the awareness of love.

Acceptance helps with letting go, puts you back into flow, creates an opening for love, and frees you up to be more of who you truly are.

By acceptance I’m not talking about ignore or turning a blind eye to something that needs to be addressed, for something you desire to take a stand for, etc.

It can, however, be a first step on any road to healing and change and the peace that comes with that.

2) Letting Go

Holding on to anything, be that a person, situation, an expectation of how things should be, the past, etc., can stand in the way of peace.

You may fear letting go because of feared consequences around that – loss, disorientation, a lack of control, e,tc. Here’s what I personally believe:

In letting go you can only ever win; if something’s for your best it will come back, else something better will.

Things you can let go of for greater peace include negative beliefs and stories, un-serving thoughts, feelings, attitudes, habits, behaviours, situations, grievances, pain, the past.

What can you let go of today for greater peace in your life? Perhaps it’s fear, guilt, anger, pain, righteousness, shame, blame, judgment, etc. Letting go will create the space for a new birth in your life. One thing that helps with letting go is forgiveness, shared next.

3) Forgiveness

Forgiveness of self and others is like a mind-body-soul detox. It liberates you from toxic emotions and draining attachments. Forgiving yourself also helps heal and end guilt, shame and feelings of undeserving that can otherwise block inner peace and happiness.

Forgiveness returns you to love and truth, is an immensely powerful force for healing and transformation, and a beautiful gift to give yourself or another. There may be stages of forgiveness. You may need to feel and process feelings, etc.

Honour wherever you’re at on that journey. You can also hand your desire for forgiveness over to the Divine and ask for Grace to forgive on your behalf if you are finding it challening which can help to bring you peace and freedom.

4) Suspending Judgment

Judgment will always stand in the way of peace. Judging others, or yourself, lowers your energy and separates you from love and joy.

Having an opinion isn’t the same as being judgmental. Judgment has a harsh energy that is hurtful to others (and yourself).

What you judge in another may be something you secretly judge in yourself that you have not yet owned and are projecting outwards, or what you have yet forgiven (in yourself or others). Use judgment as a means to become more conscious of yourself and any inner beliefs, stories, repressed aspects, areas to forgive, etc.

The more you love and accept yourself, the less you will judge others or be affected by the judgments of others and the more at peace you will find.

When you judge you project your shadows onto others, when you love you project your light.

5) Trust

Trust is a great ally to peace, and a potent anti-dote to fear which so often stands in the way of peace.

Trust yourself and your power as a creator. Know that you have what it takes to create your reality with your choices, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and trust in those. Trust in a loving universe that is on your side. Trust the doors that are opening and the ones that are closing. Relinquish control and allow yourself to be carried along a river of trust and flow towards brighter realities aligned to your highest purpose.

Trust that you are on a co-creative journey, that there is a bigger picture, and that there is love, help and guidance available to you in every moment. Trust that the universe wants you to have what you desire as much as you do. Trust that you are loved more than you know, more than you will ever know!

Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. You can have what you desire with belief, intention, positive expectation, knowing you deserve (which you always do) and a willingness to receive.

Trust brings a sense of peace, ease, faith and confidence, and lessens any desire to control or have things be a certain way. If there is an area of your life you are fearful or doubtful around, lean into trust, embrace it, and let it embrace and carry you.

You deserve the best, ever and always, whether you realise that or not. The universe wants the best for you in every moment. You are the only one who can stand in your way.

Have faith and lean into trust on your journey.

6) Feeling your Feelings

Stuffing down feelings obviously blocks inner peace. You may get a sense of temporary relief, but repression leads addictions, anxiety, numbing, and a disconnection from self. Obviously there are times not feeling your feelings and a level of repression can be a safety valve and survival mechanism with highly traumatic and painful experiences, but in a general sense, feeling feelings can help restore peace.

Give yourself permission to feel, feelings are what make you real.

That may mean moving through pain, hurt, rage, guilt, loss, etc. to find the peace that awaits on the other side.

I’ve no doubt you’ve experienced that deep sense of calm that comes after a big emotional release. If you are trying to stuff emotions down instead of letting them move through you, you won’t feel at peace.

There are emotional release techniques of many different kinds available today. These including things like EFT/Tapping, energy healing, the Release Technique and Sedona Method, meditation. You may want to journal and write them down, share them with a friend, or express them through creativity.

Simply feeling your feelings is a powerful way to release them!

Repressing emotions, trying to control them, being scared or judgmental of them, obviously disturbs inner peace.

Honour your emotions and listen to what they are telling you about what’s going on inside. If they are negative or uncomfortable, what thoughts, beliefs or stories are they pointing to that may serve you to change?

Expressing your feelings brings healing and release. By this I don’t mean wallowing in them or giving them undue attention if they don’t serve you (i.e. nip that self-pity in the bud!), nor mean dumping them on another! Take responsibility for your impact in that sense.

When it comes to emotions don’t skirt in the shallows; dive in deep, get wet, let their currents be fully felt.

7) Meditation

Meditation has so many known and obvious benefits, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically, as science is now recording. Meditation allows the conscious ‘monkey mind’ to still, settles your energy, centres you and brings calm and clarity. Negative energy dissipates as stress is washed away and you connect to the more real – the truer you within, your heart, inner peace, and the loving voice of your Higher Self – the spiritual being that you really are beyond your personality self.

Meditating creates an opportunity to expand your awareness, honour the sacred in you and in life, renew and recharge your energy, and open to clearer more balanced and loving perspectives.

8) Taking Responsibility

Responsibility brings freedom and empowerment, and with that comes peace. It shifts you out of victim mode, blame and resentment, for example, all of which block inner peace. The more you take responsibility for your life, the better able you be to change it, which will bring with it much peace.

When you blame and complain you remain the same; responsibility brings freedom and change.

You create or allow in your experience on some level, whether you are conscious of the hows, roots and whys of that or not.

Sometimes you never know why something happens, and that’s OK. It’s never because you’re wrong or bad! If it’s been unpleasant, it could be reflecting dark stories, or a lack of self worth or self love, etc.

Become aware of what thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes and choices may be influencing and creating your reality. Take responsibility for them and choose ones that most serve you.

Shift your focus from fear and problems to solutions and desired outcomes. That alone will bring you greater peace.

9) Knowing You Are Loved

You are loved by people in your world, by your Higher Self (the spiritual being that you really are beyond this life time), and you are loved totally and unconditionally by the Source of Creation, whatever name you hold for that. If you don’t walk a spiritual path, imagine there is a part of you that loves you totally and unconditionally. This love is available to you in any moment and requires only your willingness to receive.

There is nothing you need do to win that love, and nothing you can do to lose it. It is ever there for you. Open to and allow in this love in; the love that wants to be given to you in every moment.

Let it help heal you, and heal within what’s standing in the way of peace for you.

You are loved just as you are right now. You are loved more than you will ever know, in ways beyond that which you may be able to even comprehend.

Let this love within you, and the love from friends, family, your world, your Higher Self and Source, help you experience more of your true value, worth and inherent deserving, dissolve fear and pain, and restore a sense of true peace within.

You are loved beyond reasons, you are loved beyond seasons, unconditionally, eternally, you are loved.

10) Love

Love yourself and others. There are may times this may be easier than others. Make it an overriding intention.

On a path to love you may need to process what’s in the way of love, which will be standing in the way of peace within.

Affirm your willingness and give yourself permission to love yourself and others. There may be some people you choose to love from a distance, yet that love can still be there nonetheless.

The beauty with love is, whether near or far, you can love from wherever you are.”

Love lies at the heart of who you are and of all that you seek, and separation from it at the root of your troubles and pain.

Holding love in blocks peace. There is nothing more fulfilling as expressing your love just as much as receiving it. It’s so much of why you’re here!

Love will ever steer your ship to shores of peace, happiness and joy.


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