Book Review: Journeys – Healing Through Nature’s Wisdom

You have all the best intentions and goals planned out on what you want to achieve. Then life hits you in the form of a chronic illness. A game changer that shifts your outlook. Authors Karen Roberts and Dana Simpson chronicle their new inner journey using nature as healer. Journeys is a gorgeous work that will inspire and encourage you in your life travel.

Journeys Cover

I listened to the Algonquin Elder speak his wisdom. He stated that we must find time to sit in nature to connect with the energies of the universe. We must find a special tree to sit under in the forest. Each tree is individual like us. Its growth of branches, roots, bark and leaves are all as a result of adjusting to its environment. As such when the wind blows, each tree has its own voice. We are to sit under a tree that calls to us and self-reflect and connect to nature – listen to what the tree has to tell us.

Karen Roberts and Dana Simpson have the same message in this beautifully laid out book Journeys. Through the inspirational essays and pictures in the book, they hope to awaken the reader to take some time to self-reflect, connect with the healing powers of Nature, and gain an appreciation for the need to be gentle with one’s body and mind during illness and recovery.

Each essay outlines their personal journey of self-discovery as impacted by the local Nature that surrounded them on a trip. In learning photography they also learn to appreciate Nature in a different lens – literally. I’ve found that taking good photos is intentional and needs focus and mindfulness. You get to see the subject through your perception. The authors turn this perception into lessons for themselves.

For example, one place they mention is Vail, Colorado. I recently returned from this wondrous location. Karen recounts a walk in the forest where she learns from the trees; “Their naked presence was reassuring, their just being. I knew then that I would continue in this fight to have a full life; maybe without skis, but I could and would continue. Somehow there would always be an outside in nature for comfort.”

Other fabulous locations are explored like New Zealand, France, and Chile. Each visit gives inspiration in the journey of self-discovery.

Nature is indeed always there for our comfort. We just need to seek it out. If you are stuck in the city, these breath-taking photos can help transport you to them so that you can appreciate it. You can connect through meditation or it may motivate you to explore and find your own journey with nature.

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