Book Review: Connected to Goodness

If you’ve read or heard of The Secret – you need to read this book. If you are really motivated to manifest your own destiny, Connected to Goodness by David Meltzer will give you one road-map to achieve a full life. He gives his principles that have proven to deliver success, peace and balance.



I always relish reading people’s success stories. They are inspirational and give guidance which we can all apply. I am constantly learning new approaches and new ways of looking at “success”. Success is a very subjective idea. For some it means monetary gain. Others who struggle with an illness, success may mean just getting out of bed.

I believe a more general definition of success is – achieving one’s goals so that you lead a happy and peaceful life. If the meaning of life is to be happy, then you need to envision an end that will enable its manifestation.

There has been much fervor around the concept of manifesting your destiny since the publishing of the book, The Secret. Some have called it simply wishful thinking or dreaming. By contrast, David Meltzner explains how he found a way to manifest his vision and arrive at a place where he is happy, balanced and peaceful – that is successful.

Connected to Goodness begins with the concept that you must be connected to the energy of the universe to achieve success. He uses the AAA strategy (Align, Action, Adjustment). First you need to Align your energy with the universe by listening, concentrating and being aware. Meditation helps with this. Once you have achieved alignment then it is time to Act to make it a reality. Finally, you will need to Adjust your plans as you go to remain in Alignment.

Meltzner says that in order to achieve the AAA Strategy, it must be applied in the 80/20/80 Rule. You need to spend 80% of your time planning and aligning, 20% putting the plan in action and 80% of your time adjusting to your actions to keep you aligned.

He then explains in the rest of the book the seven principles to apply the AAA Strategy. They are a sound progression.


  1. defining your inner foundational values,
  2. guideposts for fortifying your foundation to create the right energy,
  3. elements used to manifest your future
  4. discipline for action
  5. strategy to move beyond hard work
  6. developing understanding to adjust actions to remain aligned
  7. what a road map to success looks like

Connected to Goodness is a must read to learn how to manifest in your life. Meltzner says, “This all about making sure that you’ve done everything you can to find alignment and create the abundance you seek by staying connected and in the flow.”

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