Book Review: Finding Peace When Your Heart Is in Pieces by Paul Coleman

The pain of loss is overwhelming and can make you question your place on earth. Although it may seem endless, Finding Peace When Your Heart Is in Pieces can guide you to inner peace. Dr Coleman teaches ways to look at events in life in such a way that they don’t break your spirit, your trust, your faith and your heart.



When I started reading this book, doctors had told me that I had kidney, bladder and prostrate cancer. I was in a high anxiety state, totally fearing the unknown future. All my hopes and dreams, it seemed to me, were disappearing into an unending journey of hospital and doctor visits. I battled two previous tumors, pituitary and parathyroid, so I was not naive to the concept of having growths. However, using the “Cancer” word is more threatening than saying “tumor”. I was mentally, emotionally and spiritually in a bad state.

I found Finding Peace When Your Heart Is in Pieces helped me face my health crisis. It raised my level of awareness as to who I really am and what life is really all about.

Dr Coleman tells you things that you need to hear when the things you want to hear are not forthcoming. For example he states that you will be outraged at your loss until you surrender to your reality. Only at that point can you start to heal. The journey to a peaceful heart begins by embracing what was good and loving about what was and then open a space to receive more from life and offer more to life.

I was inspired when I read the following: “It requires great courage to persevere with optimism when faced with a life threatening illness. It requires great courage to rise to greater spiritual heights after falling into doubt and dispair.”

The way through grief, loss and pain is accomplished by a journey of transformation via four paths:

The Path of Acceptance – when you emotionally and humbly accept reality, you can begin to change what you are capable of changing and let be what cannot be changed.

The Path of Inspiration – this compels you to look at your spirituality and the mystery of existence.

The Path of Release – trusting in a positive future fosters inner peace by releasing doubt and fear.

The Path of Compassion – is acting with love, benevolence, generosity and forgiveness towards your self and others.

Having traveled these four paths, then perspective can be reached. A new life perspective can be attained by pondering upon seven paradoxes that are associated with your chakras.

One of the final thoughts in the book resonated with what my psychological counselor said to me. We need to accept that we are really not in control of our lives or destiny. Life throws things at you that cause upheaval – that challenge our attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. It is be accepting these events, letting go of our attempts to control and adapting to the new reality can we journey safely through storms.

In my struggle to find a new reality, I found two of the paradoxes really helped me move forward – they instructed me to live fully becoming and exploring who I am. Whatever lies in the future for me with these tumors will be. In the meanwhile, I have a full life to live.

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