Book Review: Dead Wrong by Allen Wyler

If you like medical thrillers – Dead Wrong is one heck of a page turner. I highly recommend reading this fast paced novel by Allen Wyler.

Dead Wrong cover
Dead Wrong Cover

Dr. Tom McCarthy’s is treating patients who remember horrific incidents. Yet they never lived them. Suddenly, he is confronted by government agents who demand that he turn over secret documents which he stole. Claiming to not know what they are talking about, he attempts to escape which results in one agent and his admin assistant dead. He is on the run – branded as a terrorist – with orders to shoot on sight. Slowly he starts piecing together the medical puzzle. Experiments are being conducted to transfer memories from one person to another. And they are being spearheaded by an old medical school buddy. He has to get to the truth so he can save his reputation… and his life.

Author, Allen Wyler, is a renowned neurosurgeon who earned an international reputation for pioneering surgical techniques to record brain activity. Leveraging a love for thrillers, Wyler now devotes himself to writing full time.

Author Allen Wyler
Author Allen Wyler


It is obvious that he uses his experience to give us a credible medical story. He gives the reader sufficient medical detail without getting into jargon so that it can be understood by the general audience. For example, he deftly explained how an MRI works in layman’s terms. As a scientist, I appreciated that he gave a plausible medical premise for the story.

I recommend this book for as a exciting fast paced medical thriller. Dead Wrong can be purchased at:

·         Amazon:

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·         Astor + Blue:




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