Lawns lead to insanity

Maintaining a lawn to me is insane. You water it so it will grow so that you can cut it and then water it so it will grow so that… You get the picture.

I never got the concept of this make work project – lawn maintenance. Clearly it is for people who like to spend time on a mundane activity. They have too much time on their hands. And they obsess over it. You have to have the best lawn to keep up with your neighbour. This leads to an insane series of actions like fertilizing and buying the biggest lawn mower you can afford, choosing the right variety of seeds for your area and so on. An obsession for lawns is insane.

On the other hand, there are people who have lawns and don’t give a darn. It would seem to me that if you have a lawn it is your neighbourly duty to maintain it. Otherwise weeds set in and invade your neighbours lawns as well. And it just looks ugly! Having a neighbour who does not take care of his lawn next to one who obsesses over it is a recipe for a feud.

Neighbour who doesn’t care for his lawn

I personally have no use for lawns. I’ve grown a disdain for them. As a kid, I used to make money mowing senior’s lawns. When I had a farm, I had a one acre lawn around the house. I guess I’ve had it spending hours cutting the lawn. I’ve got other things I’d rather do with my limited time.

Today, I only have enough lawn for the dog to do a quick business.

I love perennial and annual plant gardens. They are low maintenance and beautiful to enjoy.  My little backyard is an oasis for me to enjoy at the end of a day and on the weekend. I just sit back sipping my favorite drink in a Muskoka chair peering into the evening sky as the stars pop out.

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