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Heaven and Earth Oasis Treats US Vets With Holistic Approach

Many health practitioners are appreciating that a holistic approach to a medical condition yields better results. Holistic approaches compliment the traditional western medical treatments to offer a whole person healing … Continue reading

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Potassium Supplements Could Lower Stroke Risk

Stroke is the third most common cause of death in developed countries and annually, accounts for 10% of all deaths worldwide. Lowering Blood Pressure (BP) is seen as a significant approach … Continue reading

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Yoga and Water Exercises Improve Seniors’ Balance

Most people who reach old age suffered a number of diseases and serious health problems. Older people have limitations including stability which can leads to falls. A new study compared the efficacy of yoga and … Continue reading

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Infographic: 30 Minutes of Exercise

The key to leading a happy and healthy fit life is through an exercise regimen that lasts for 30 minutes every day for five days in a week. Following this … Continue reading

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3 Tips for Managing Stress and Feeling Confident and Calm

Barb Schmidt believes that making subtle shifts in the day will improve inner happiness, creating a positive ripple effect on all areas of life. In her new book, THE PRACTICE … Continue reading

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Book Review: Beyond Mindfulness by Stephan Bodian

Be who you always already are – that’s the approach that Beyond Mindfulness by Stephan Bodian teaches. The state is awakened awareness is what awaits the reader at the end … Continue reading

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Book Review: PALEO Cleanse by Camilla Carboni & Melissa Van Dover

The start of a new year is when many of us look to changing to a healthier lifestyle. PALEO Cleanse outlines a fabulous easy to follow guide to help you … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Four Gifts of Anxiety by Sherianna Boyle

Anxiety, when out of control, becomes all consuming. A swirl of negative thoughts and emotions occupy your head distracting you from daily living. The Four Gifts of Anxiety by Sherianna Boyle … Continue reading

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Six Things For Men To Do With And Without Their Doctor In The New Year

Men are notoriously bad at taking care of themselves. They often need a nudge from their spouse, partner, or doctor to keep them healthy. Dudley Seth Danoff, MD, FACS, men’s urologist … Continue reading

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Book Review: Plotting the Course by Rick Arneson

Life’s lessons can be teased from the numerous anecdotes that are told from many fields of endeavor. Plotting the Course: Life Lessons from the Sport of Sailing by Rick Arneson … Continue reading

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A Yogi’s ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’

Here’s a cute version from a site called YogaDownload… ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the home, Not a yogi was stirring, not even an OM.   The … Continue reading

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A Winter Solstice Meditation on Cancer

The winter solstice often symbolizes the return of light – the return of life – after the deepest dark. Today, for me, it is the beginning of a journey of … Continue reading

December 21, 2014 · 3 Comments

Santa Mouse Christmas Tree Topper Opens the Door for Santa

“How does Santa get into our house – we don’t have a fireplace?” my kids asked when they were little. They had a point. After seeing birds and bats get … Continue reading

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Have a Prosperous 2015 with this Energy Forecast

A road-map to accomplishing your goals in 2015 is essential. Knowing when is the best time to do what is important. I spoke with Shaman Isabella Stoloff who shared with … Continue reading

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Moon Salutation

Today’s full moon is a great time to practice Moon Salutations to calm you down. BY CHARLOTTE BRADLEY If you have been doing yoga for even a little bit, you … Continue reading

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Yoga & Horses teach similar lessons

Why do I spend time with horses? Not just to ride them, but to learn from them. To be reminded to run, to breathe, to live in the moment. Yoga … Continue reading

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Healing Scoliosis through Yoga

None of us is perfectly symmetric, but some musculoskeletal imbalances are so extreme that they can impact well-being and self-image. Scoliosis, a condition that leads to lateral curvature of the … Continue reading

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Infographics: Periodic Table of Paleo Food

A while back I gave up gluten and my gut feels much better. Now I am avoiding most grains and have adopted a more paleo lifestyle. It seems to work … Continue reading

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Movember Special: 3 Facts to Consider before Trying Testosterone Replacement Therapy

A study recently published in the medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine noted that prescriptions given to men 40 and older for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) increased by 300 percent between … Continue reading

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